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Specializing in Pain Relief and Relaxation 

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Past Tense Massage Studio

It's my job to help end your pain.
Whether you suffer from tight neck and shoulders, tension headaches or chronic back pain.
I'm here to make your life a little easier!

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The Past Tense


To deliver healing therapeutic massage and healing beauty treatments, adding pain relief, relaxation and beauty to my clients lives.

Hi, I'm Brenda!

Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Treatment Specialist, Owner of Past Tense

I'm your Pain Relief Relaxation Specialist, Certified in Prenatal Massage and in expert in Body Beauty Treatments.
It's my job to help you find relief, by ending your pain. Whether you suffer from tight neck and shoulders, low back pain, tension headaches or only need a break from the stresses of life, I am here to make your life a little easier! I personally guarantee your bodies happiness. Bliss is only a phone call away.

Why Choose Brenda

  1. Punctuality
    My sessions always start and end on time. Provided you arrive 5 minutes early, my goal is to have you on the table by your appointment start time so you always get the most hands-on time. This means your 60-minute massage is actually 60 minutes, not 50.
  2. Custom Tailored Treatment
    I keep track of your preferences: everything from your favorite music (no "spa" music here), essential oils and your love of scalp massage to your ticklish feet and the name of your dog. You're not typical; Why should your massage be?​
  3. Cleanliness
    I sanitize absolutely everything in between sessions. You don't want to know the things I've seen in other practices.​
  4. YOU Are In Control
    No aspect of your massage should ever come as a surprise. I conduct a thorough intake at your first appointment and I explain my treatment plan in detail. I obtain your informed consent - and I make sure you know you always have the right to withdraw or alter your consent. Your session is about you, not me.
  5. Safe Space
    I provide a body-positive space where you can relax and feel like yourself again. Leave your insecurities at the door; your comfort is my utmost priority.
  6. Still On the Fence?
    Read my 5-star reviews
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Past Tense Massage Studio
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